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School Support

The Future of Learning

This pandemic has been a reflection of all the things that were flawed within the education system before the COVID outbreak. Teachers are some of the most creative people at figuring out expressive ways to help children understand core subjects. Now as a result of this outbreak a majority of it has been handed over to the parents and or caregivers with only so much a teacher can do virtually over a video chat platform. Teachers not only have to make sure students are still learning competencies they have to also make sure parents are able to follow along and support with the material. Teachers have also found themselves providing emotional support as society is dealing with the fatigue of COVID-19. 

 The biggest struggle of this remote learning was that it was supposed to be a temporary solution but as the pandemic continues on it will become a more integrated way of learning. Below are some benefits and disadvantages.





Can go at your own pace. The schedule is more flexible.


Easier to focus and less distraction from other students.

New technology can be difficult to engage through a screen. Internet access isn't universal.


Security issues, Spamming, Profanities, etc.


Another challenge of virtual learning across the country and in our local community is there has not been an efficient way to check on kids that have not consistently been logging into their school-issued computers. 

This is due to a variety of situations: 

  • Primary caregiver in the home bedridden with Covid, children left to figure things out themselves.
  • Parents struggling to have access to technology and under immense amounts of stress to keep food on the table.
  • Children not motivated nor on routine.
  • Experiencing abuse in the home.

Teachers need to be mandatory reporters and must call 911, but the response time to check on students is uncertain as the first responders are dealing with increases in calls. 



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