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End-of-Life Resources


Working together to achieve our vision to be your community voice in the way we live and end well and to create a global model and hub for End-of-Life Care, our Investing Partners are the lifeline of our work.


Casa de la Luz Foundation

Casa de la Luz Foundation is committed to empowering hospice patients and their loved ones to transform the end-of-life experience into the final act of living well. Serving all hospice-certified individuals and working closely with community partners, the work of the Foundation focuses on three mission areas: providing supplemental support to hospice patients for items or services not covered by health insurance, educating the community about end-of-life issues, and supporting research concerning end-of-life care. The Foundation helps to meet hospice patient needs (such as financial, personal, and/or funeral expenses) through fund requests submitted by social workers and other healthcare professionals. Community education is delivered primarily through an annual end-of-life conference and through the provision of Five Wishes, an advance care directive document. End-of-life care research is provided through grants to local organizations. A previous grant helped to fund a music therapy program and a current grant is focusing on a behavioral program to reduce agitation in patients with dementia. The Foundation has collaborated with the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership in community education and outreach events that support the overall mission of the Partnership.

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Casa de la Luz Hospice

Casa de la Luz provides end-of-life care in Southern Arizona. Offering hospice, community palliative care, and extensive bereavement services, the breadth of programs at Casa de la Luz extends through every stage at end of life. Within the hospice program, Casa de la Luz operates two inpatient units for acute symptom management and Kanmar Place, Southern Arizona’s only residential hospice home. Additionally, Casa de la Luz provides free education and support to community organizations on a wide range of topics, including healthcare planning, caregiving stress management, and dealing with grief. As a partner in the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership, Casa de la Luz collaborates with other community organizations to provide superior end-of-life care in Southern Arizona. With more than twenty years of service, locally-owned and -operated Casa de la Luz has provided end-of-life care to more than 20,000 families.

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The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

CFSA connects donors to the causes that they care about by serving as a vital link between philanthropy and the needs of the community. Since it was founded in 1980, hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses have established funds at the Community Foundation, building a philanthropic community of over 500 funds. To date, these funds have provided nearly $200 million to nonprofit organizations and scholars. The work of CFSA touches every aspect of daily life, including end of life, animal welfare, arts and culture, community development, education, the environment, and health and human services. In the role as convener, facilitator, collaborator, and educator, CFSA works directly with nonprofits, local government, the business community, and other community partners to inspire and enact long-term solutions. Since 2012, through the legacy of the Shaaron Kent Endowment, the Community Foundation has been supporting programs that help ease the transition from life to death. These programs encourage discussion and subsequent action around end-of-life issues and educate individuals, caregivers, medical personnel, family members, and the general community about the needs of the dying and the choices available to them.

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The David and Lura Lovell Foundation

Established in 1994, The David and Lura Lovell Foundation supports work in areas of mental health, integrative health and wellness, including end-of-life care and planning, youth access to the arts, and gender parity. In its first twenty-five years, the Foundation has invested over $26 million in 120 nonprofit organizations for local, regional, and national projects that support people and initiatives, empower lives, provide opportunities, improve conditions, and advance community. Today, the Foundation is propelled by the passions of the second and third generations of the Lovell family and their trusted advisors. The Arizona End of Life Care Partnership is of special interest to the Lovell family because of David’s own end-of-life experience. The initial grant to the Partnership was made in 2017 and funded ten community organizations, thereby launching this important work focusing on end-of-life care in Southern Arizona.

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Interfaith Community Services

Since 1985, ICS has helped people in need to achieve stable, healthy, and independent lives. ICS focuses on four areas with a myriad of services: financial stability, independence for older adults, self-sufficiency, and healthier community. ICS provides emergency assistance and case management to promote financial stability. Through transportation, friendly visitors, and nutritious home-delivered meals, ICS supports independent living for older adults. ICS provides community-based health education and mental health first aid as well as end-of-life care education and support. As a partner in the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership, ICS offers a range of opportunities for Arizonans to learn about the benefits of advance care planning and is committed to helping us all embrace dying and death as part of life. Transforming end of life from a purely medical experience to a deeply human, spiritual experience is at the heart of their holistic end-of-life care program. To volunteer or for more information about services, please call 520-297-6049.

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Loving Spirit

Loving Spirit is a non-profit organization that is changing the way we think about, prepare for, and respond to grief and loss. Loving Spirit offers free two-day hands-on interactive workshops that include educational training in skillsets, tools, and mindsets that make navigating the journey of loss less frightening and more understandable for adults who are grieving. Since 2015, Loving Spirit has presented workshops across the country and is continuing to expand its facilitator team and increase workshop opportunities, thereby impacting more and more lives. Loving Spirit workshops are not religious-based and are not therapy; they delve into the way loss impacts our unique personalities through a variety of lenses. Each workshop provides historical, philosophical, psychological, physiological, and cultural perspectives of the grief process. Workshops are limited to thirty participants and are facilitated by trained individuals who have also attended a Loving Spirit workshop. These workshops offer a safe nurturing environment to grieving adults. Partnering with the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership has allowed Loving Spirit to provide workshops in Tucson. For more information on upcoming workshops or to register, please click the link above or call Loving Spirit founder, Dayle Spencer (808-446-6060), or Tucson contact Valerie Barsevich (520-245-6297).

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Pima Council on Aging

For over 50 years, the mission of PCOA has been to promote dignity and respect for aging and to advocate for independence in the lives of older adults and their families in Pima County, now and for generations to come. PCOA offers expertise in aging well, advocacy, and unbiased information for older people and their families. PCOA links older adults with resources focused on maintaining independence, encouraging healthy aging, supporting family caregivers, advocating for rights, and assisting with understanding and accessing benefits. As a Partner in the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership, PCOA is committed to helping older adults and the loved ones who care about them with resources, educational opportunities, and tools that can assist with decisions about end-of-life care. Trained bilingual specialists provide older adults or their family members with information about end-of-life care planning, so that they may plan and share their choices with loved ones and medical providers. For further information about end-of-life care resources and planning for older adults, please call the Helpline for Older Adults 520-546-2018.

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Southwest Content

Southwest Content produces, creates, directs, and completes “moving media” and prides itself in shining the light on the journey so that everyone can see the way. Keith Brust, Tom Veneklasen, and Nolan Veneklasen work diligently to tell a story by capturing people and places all over the world. Southwest Content collaborated with the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership to produce a video that celebrates the alliance of individual Partners working together to support the mission of engaging, empowering and connecting people as they plan and live their lives.

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Southwest Folklife Alliance

Southwest Folklife Alliance is committed to building more equitable and vibrant communities by celebrating the everyday expressions of culture, heritage, and diversity in the greater southwest. By increasing understanding and respect for heritage, traditional arts, and folklife practices throughout the southwest region, SFA supports equity and civic engagement. SFA has partnered with the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership to share cultural knowledge about traditions, expressions, and practices associated with end of life, grief, mourning and death in the folk, ethnic, occupational, faith-based, and alternative communities in Southern Arizona. Film documentaries have been created to capture the death and mourning rituals of four unique Southern Arizona communities. Each piece was facilitated by a meal or a gathering in order to experience candid death, grief, and mourning rituals. The overarching goal of SFA’s projects is to honor tradition and build cultural literacy.

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TMC Healthcare

At TMC HealthCare, life is considered a sacred journey of transformation, personal growth, and discovery. At the core of this belief is that each individual has the right to die pain-free, with dignity, and in a manner that respects their wishes. Whether through the hospice program, advanced-care initiatives, or hospital-based palliative care efforts, TMC abides by this guiding principle. As an investing partner in the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership, TMC works to ensure that families receive the support that they need to help their loved one through their path. TMC Hospice cares for people with a life-limiting illness once they decide that medical care to cure the underlying disease is no longer the best path. TMC Hospice offers the only inpatient hospice facility for children in Southern Arizona and cares for about 300 veterans each year. TMC works to provide evidence-based patient and provider education and informational resources to primary care practices, hospital case management, and volunteer organizations to improve the ability to have end-of-life care planning discussions with adults and their caregivers. TMC for Seniors provides individual advance care planning consultations as well as lectures and workshops for adults of any age.

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Tu Nidito

As an investing partner in the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership, Tu Nidito Children and Family Services serves as the voice, the professional support system, and the provider of a full continuum of care for children during end of life. Whether it is the child or their parent that is dying, children’s voices cannot be ignored. Tu Nidito plays an active role during personal end-of-life experiences to ensure that children understand what is happening at an age-appropriate level and that they have the support that they need to safely cope with their grief. Through participation in community-based education and community support services, The role of Tu Nidito within the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership is to provide education to Partners and to the community at large that safeguards the needs of children and reduces barriers to support and understanding during end-of-life situations.

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United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

United Way goes beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change in our community, convening people and organizations to find innovative solutions that positively impact more than 150,000 lives in Southern Arizona a year. United Way serves as the anchor organization for the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership, which brings together diverse people, organizations, and systems toward a shared mission to fundamentally change the way we talk about death.

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