The David and Lura Lovell Foundation and Community Foundation for Southern Arizona have jointly awarded $3.6 million to 12 nonprofits in the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership that are cooperatively addressing end-of-life care issues in Tucson, Arizona.

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Parent and Caregiver Support

How Caregivers can Support Children

During this pandemic, many children and adolescents have been abruptly thrown into virtual learning and strongly advised to be kept at home and limit exposure. Many children and adolescents are grieving the loss of an everyday routine and social interactions with friends outside of the home. It is a lot already for parents to juggle the virus, handling a job, and managing kids at home. But to make it through the pandemic it is important to stick together and support each other and to stay healthy. Watch the videos below for tips from the CDC:


De-Stress Together

Our culture has taught us that it is important to be productive outside of the home and when at home it supposed to be relaxation time. It has been difficult the last couple of months to transition to everything having to be in the home. From working, to cleaning, to childcare, to homeschooling, to regular cooking, and trying to relax. It is important to remember that while it is a tough time, it is important to take on tasks day by day.

Activities to De-stress for both caregivers and children 

  • Breathe or meditate 
  • Identify feelings of hunger, tired, apathy 
  • Exercise together, doing stretches 
  • Having quiet time away from distractions



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