The David and Lura Lovell Foundation and Community Foundation for Southern Arizona have jointly awarded $3.6 million to 12 nonprofits in the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership that are cooperatively addressing end-of-life care issues in Tucson, Arizona.

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Covid-19 and Childhood Development

Covid-19 Affecting Human Connection 

Humans are social-interactive beings, and in early development children have basic social needs met by parents, caregivers, and social interactions with kids at school outside of their immediate family. These interactions help them learn social cues and how to respond to unpredictable situations. Due to the pandemic and importance of social distancing, physical interaction has been severely limited and more is being asked of parents to meet a child’s needs. This video below provides ways to support children even by giving as little as five minutes of attention.


The Rise of Mental Health in Children

Health professionals fear this pandemic will exacerbate anxiety and depression at a fast rate due to the isolation, schooling from home, having family members getting sick, and other developing fears. Watch the video below to learn about the ways this pandemic may affect a child’s mental health.


Factors contributing to the increase in anxiety and depression: 

  • Trauma from widespread disease 
  • Grief over losses of life 
  • Fear of getting sick 
  • Unprecedented physical distancing 
  • Financial concerns, including unemployment and housing insecurity 
  • Loss of community 
  • Reduced access to caregivers



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