We want to fundamentally change the way we talk about death.



The End of Life Care Partnership (EOLCP) is a network of organizations and individuals committed to ensuring quality of life at every stage through education, support, sound policy, and choices.




Our vision is to engage and empower our community to transform the way we live through the design of a human-centered network of end of life care support and resources.


“Our ultimate goal, after all, is not a good death but a good life to the very end.”
—Atul Gawande


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Our Vision

  • A Community hub for a network of services and resources
  • Human-centered community education, advocacy and support
  • Healthcare provider education and support
  • Caregiver workforce development
  • Workplace initiatives
  • Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Statewide leadership
  • Global models for community collaboration

Our Values

  • Person and Family-Centered Care
  • Clear and Compassionate Communication
  • Collaboration

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The EOLCP is your community voice in the way we live and end well. It brings together people from a wide range of organizations to collectively create a global model for End of Life Care.

We are a network of organizations and individuals committed to ensuring quality of life at every phase through focused efforts across 6 Pillars:

Community-Based Education

Scheduled Community Workshops

Train the Trainer Sessions

Individual Coaching

Community Outreach

Strategic Marketing Plan (including branding, visibility, and advertising)

Helpline, Infoline, and Calendar

Public Relations

Conferences & Presentations

Healthcare Provider Education

Professional Learning and Development

CME/CEU for EOL and Advance Care Planning

Curriculum Development

Workforce Development

Identify Gaps In Professional Education Programs

Plan for Meeting Increase in Caregiver Demand

Serving Vulnerable Populations

Facility-Based Initiatives

Identify Quality measures and Workflows for Health Care Professionals

Pilot Projects

Workplace "Inside Out" Wellness Advance Care Plans

Policy & Advocacy

State advocacy for AzMOST

State advocacy for Policy Change

Advocacy for Health Plan Coverage

Partnership Outcomes Measures

Please join us in fundamentally changing the way we talk about death and dying.